• Partnership to advance environmental stewardship and inclusion through golf

Dow (NYSE: DOW), the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) and the Ladies European Tour (LET) announced today that Dow will serve as the Official Sustainability Resource for the organizations.

The move symbolizes Dow’s commitment to help sectors continue to develop, mobilize and accelerate effective action, and generate far-reaching results across a range of priority themes connected to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The partnership is a four-year commitment to collaborate toward these goals – creating a strategic blueprint for sustainable action across women’s professional golf that will extend existing initiatives in equity, diversity and inclusion, and strengthen approaches to climate action, promotion of biodiversity, and reductions in resource use and waste.

Together, Dow, the LPGA and the LET aim to deliver direct positive impacts; generate tangible and lasting legacies; share knowledge; and celebrate credible and inspirational leadership examples.

“Our work with the LPGA and LET is perfectly in step with Dow’s ambitious 2025 sustainability goals, specifically by leading a blueprint for sustainability and engaging with communities, customers and employees for positive impact,” said Mary Draves, chief sustainability officer and vice president, Environment, Health & Safety, Dow. “Through creative collaborations with like-minded partners, we can help ensure the well-being of people and the planet through the power of sport.”

“We have a history with Dow in promoting inclusion and career advancement for women in golf and we’re excited to expand this effort through this first-of-its kind partnership,” said Kelly Hyne, LPGA Chief Sales Officer. “As one of the world’s longest-running women’s professional sports associations, we have a distinct opportunity to drive meaningful change among tournaments, players, fans and the communities that welcome us by taking action on sustainability – socially, environmentally and economically.”

As the Official Sustainability Resource, Dow is working closely with the GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf (GEO) — a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring, supporting and recognizing sustainability in and through golf around the world. Dow and GEO will provide expertise to help develop LPGA and LET strategy, plus support and solutions to ensure effective and impactful delivery. GEO brings a wealth of experience to the table, working collaboratively with golf governing bodies, associations, athletes and media over the last 15 years. More widely, GEO has been highly active in the mainstream movement of sustainability, consulting with government agencies, NGOs, and business and supply chain platforms to bring the latest knowledge and insights to sustainability solutions for golf associations, tournaments, venues and athletes.

The expanded collaboration is an evolution of the success achieved at the inaugural Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational (Dow GLBI) in 2019, which became the first LPGA tournament to be GEO Certified®.

The first year of Dow as the Official Sustainability Resource will be dedicated to creating a baseline for long-term success, as well as exploring immediate opportunities for new action in inclusion, diversity and environmental stewardship. The program will expand to include developing initiatives which will promote sustainability and events centered on education and empowerment of young female golfers.

“Golf can play a highly valuable role in both championing and delivering on important social and environmental issues,” said LET Chief Executive Officer Alexandra Armas. “Alongside partners such as Dow and the GEO Foundation, we are able to develop our leadership, support others and then celebrate powerful stories across our community. We are inspired to take action on some of the most important issues of our time – fostering nature; conserving resources; taking climate action; and strengthening communities through women’s professional golf.”

The LET and Dow also collaborate on “Celebrating the Green,” an initiative spearheaded by the LET to celebrate and inspire change around conservation, climate and community across women’s golf.

Dow has been working alongside the LPGA since 2018 as the association’s Official Marketing Partner.

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