Alessandra Donati and Luisa Ceola, who are both EDGA advocates, were proud to play in the Piedmont Region Pro-Am at the Ladies Italian Open.

The duo played alongside Italian legend Stefania Croce, who was an LET tournament winner and triumphed at the 1992 Ford Ladies’ Classic, on Thursday at Golf Club Margara.

EDGA (formerly the European Disabled Golf Association) is a not-for-profit, volunteer organisation that promotes and delivers opportunities for disabled players to sample, participate and compete in golf.

After playing in the Piedmont Region Pro-Am, Alessandra and Luisa spoke about the benefits of playing golf and how inclusive the sport is.

Alessandra Donati
Alessandra Donati playing in the Pro-Am.

Alessandra said: “I’m very happy to be here. I have a weakness in my hand, my feet, and my arms. I started to play golf very slowly and I said to myself I will do what I can do.

“I thought I would play only in the driving range, but I’ve played in all of Europe and now I’m here to play with the top players on the LET – I’m very happy!

“It’s important for all disabled women to play and enjoy golf. Don’t be scared about your disability and be yourself. EDGA is very important because you can play everywhere with every person and golf is inclusive.”

Luisa Ceola playing in the Pro-Am.

Padova-native Luisa was ecstatic at playing alongside Croce and explained how much golf means to her.

Luisa said: “I’m really proud to be here and to play with Stefanie Croce – it’s a great event! I have two different rare genetic diseases and both of them have an impact on my musculoskeletal system and I have a cancer in my femur bone.

“Golf was really fantastic to me. I suggest to everyone to try golf. On a golf course I can find the energy I normally don’t have during the day.

“In my life I wasn’t able to do any kind of sport – golf is the only one and it’s great.”