Twelve Tips for 2019

Here are 12 tips that will help you to improve your game and ensure that you start 2019 in style.

Tip #1 Noemi Jimenez Martin talks through a great putting drill to improve your putting stroke

Tip #2 Marianne Skarpnord demonstrates how to execute the perfect punch shot

Tip #3 Felicity Johnson talks you through a quick tip to improve your driving

Tip #4 Whitney Hillier talks you through a quick tip to improve your long bunker play in wet sand

Tip #5 Meghan Maclaren explains how to hole more putts using aimpoint

Tip #6 Julia Engstrom talks you through how to hit the perfect draw

Tip #7 Christine Wolf provides tips to hit a good shot when the ball is above your feet

Tip #8 Annabel Dimmock demonstrates how to hit the perfect fade

Tip #9 Amy Boulden gives you a driving tip on how to get some extra yards off the tee

Tip #10 Olivia Cowan shows you how to execute a flop shot

Tip #11 Carly Booth gives you a tip on how to play a knock down shot

Tip #12 Always have fun when you are practicing, even if the tips don’t quite go to plan!