Nikki Campbell has yet to win on the LET but has proved she has the game with nine top tens this year.


You’ve won two tournaments in Japan. Is the Indian Open next?

I’d love the Indian Open to be my next win but it will take some good golf around here because it’s a very difficult golf course.

Your brother is a professional. What’s it like?

It’s a lot of fun. I follow his career and he follows mine. We inspire each other to play well and help each other when things aren’t going well. So it’s fun for us and its fun for our parents.

This is a tricky golf course. What are your thoughts?

I think Delhi Golf Club is very difficult. It’s very narrow off the tee and the greens are very firm so if the pins are at the front it’s hard to get close to the pin. I also find the wind difficult because it’s so narrow, it blocks out the wind but when it gets above the trees it catches the ball so it’s difficult to work out which way the wind is going.

What do you enjoy about travelling?

I enjoy seeing different cultures. I’ve been to India once before and I really enjoyed it. I like trying different foods and experiencing new things.

Where have you been this year and where would you like to return to visit?

This year I’ve been to a lot of countries. Last year was my first time in Europe so my first time to a lot of places but this year I’ve gone back to a lot of countries. My favourite is probably South Africa. I did a safari and seeing the animals was amazing. India’s great too: I love the food here and the people are so kind.

What do you always pack when travelling?

I always travel with muesli bars for the golf course and contact lenses because I can’t see without them and need them to play golf.