Two-time Ladies European Tour winner Carly Booth was born into a sporty family and being active is in her blood. She believes that sport helps people overcome mental and physical problems, which is why she is supporting the European Week of Sport’s #BeActive campaign.

Who introduced you to sport and what sports did you try when you were younger? 

I was introduced into sports before I could walk! My dad was an Olympic Wrestler and had me in the gym before I could walk. He even built a gym at the house. I tried every sport. In school, I participated in football, field hockey and cross country running. Outside of school, I reached a high level in gymnastics, swimming and golf. I chose golf in the end!

What is it about sport that makes you happy? 

I am very competitive, so sport is a great way to put this into action. I’m a very active person, if not on the golf course, I’m in the gym or dancing. I love being active, being around people and travelling the world, which golf has given me the opportunity to do.

What does the #BeActive campaign mean to you and why do you support the campaign? 

I am a big supporter of the #BeActive campaign because I think it gives everyone a healthier lifestyle, physically and mentally. Being active whether it’s just being outdoors, or taking up a new passion, gives the mind and body a healthy outlook. It also helps you to set goals and meet new people. This will show in your daily routine and everyday life, giving you a more positive outlook in everything you do.

Besides golf, what other sports do you actively do? 

I am always in the gym. I love training and pushing myself to be the best I can be.

What positive effects does a sporty lifestyle have?

Sports are a great way to show what people can achieve if they work hard and set their mind to their goals. Sports people are an inspiration.

How do you use your position to help inspire other people to have an active lifestyle?

I am very active on social media. I try to give people an insight to my everyday life. Being a sports woman, comes with discipline and hard work. But it’s also about balance in life. I want people to fulfil their potential. We are all stronger than we think.  Also of course I have an objective to show younger kids to take up golf, show them what this game has given me and the opportunities and people we meet through golf. It’s a wonderful sport for all abilities and ages.

Do you want to share a story on how your active lifestyle helped you to overcome a problem?

Everyone goes through upsets and personal problems. I’ve had many. Overcoming them is never easy and takes time. I spend a lot of time looking at positive quotes and using the law of attraction. A quote that I love is: “The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem!”. This can relate to any issue.