COLIN CALLANDER:   Lots of rough out there.  Is it to your liking?

            CHARLEY HULL:  Yeah, I like it.  If the weather stays like this and the wind keeps up, I think it will be great, because the spectators will come out, and we’ll have the toughness of the links golf course, which I think will be fantastic.  The greens are awesome and I like the bunkers, as well.  The greens, if you get a good lie ‑‑ just the whole atmosphere is great. 

            COLIN CALLANDER:   You’ve played a couple of majors over the years.  Does a major feel completely different to any other week on Tour?  Or do you try to pretend in a way it’s the same sort of tournament.

            CHARLEY HULL:  I try and keep it the same but you kind of approach it a little bit more ‑‑ more higher, because it’s a major obviously, and I really like the majors.  They are a lot of fun.  It’s a different bit of pressure to them.

            But no, I really enjoyed them so far.  I’ve played in a few but I haven’t yet played in all the majors.  This is my third time playing the British Open.  So I kind of know what to expect from this event.


            Q.  Where did you play with Morgan Pressel in the Pro‑Am?

            CHARLEY HULL:  That was at Lytham.


            Q.  Did you think you might be playing in this or what did you learn from that?

            CHARLEY HULL:  I don’t know, I just kind of expected I would be playing it in the future.  You know, she actually like told me when I hit a good shot and made birdie, like told me to wave to the crowd, which is a lot of fun.  I was just like this small little kid and she told me how to play chip‑and‑runs, as well.  I think I was 1‑under through five holes when I played with her.

            COLIN CALLANDER:   What age did you actually decide you wanted to turn pro?

            CHARLEY HULL:  Because I’ve been playing for so long, I thought it was normal, I would turn pro.  But I never really kind of ‑‑ a decision to turn pro.  Just happened, I played in quite a few events a couple years ago that made me decide.  Just sort of a blur really.


            Q.  What’s your plans for next season?  Are you going to go to America?

            CHARLEY HULL:  Yeah, well, I’m trying to play in as many invites as I can in America.  I’m allowed six invites and if I do well, I will have enough ‑‑ I think I can get enough money.  Hopefully I will go through Q‑School anyway and if not try to get on the LPGA Tour because I really enjoy out there.  It’s great out there.  It’s where the best players in the world are and that’s where I want to be.


            Q.  What part of being a professional is better than you anticipated?  You’re probably going to say winning.  What, if anything, don’t you like about the professional way of life?

            CHARLEY HULL:  I enjoy all of it really.  It’s only my second year as a pro, so I am ‑‑ I haven’t really had the downs of it yet.  But I really enjoyed playing for England with all of my friends.  I was thinking about it the other day.

            I actually played in an amateur here, I think it was the Royal Birkdale Scratch I think it was, and having a good time with my friend Kelly and Amy, as amateurs we used to play and we used to play in the home internationals, we played that, as well.  You miss stuff like that.  But playing for money is a lot better.

            COLIN CALLANDER:  Laura Davies was in here talking about playing pro golf at age 50.  Can you imagine doing that?

            CHARLEY HULL:  That’s a bit in the future, but yeah.


            Q.  The issue of getting caddies to line up putts, she thinks it should be out slide.  What’s your outlook?

            CHARLEY HULL:  My caddie carries my bag and gives me a few lines but he never lines me up.  I think golf should be that way to be honest because, you know, there’s only a certain amount that caddies can do but that’s the way I like it anyway.


            Q.  Does it irritate you when you’re playing with people who slow things down by doing that?

            CHARLEY HULL:  You know, I don’t mind it a lot.  Unless it’s ridiculously slow.  I haven’t actually played with that many players that have done that.  But I suppose it can be a bit annoying.


            Q.  Following in your discussions about next year, the future, have you ever played Trump Turnberry where this will be next year?

            CHARLEY HULL:  Yeah, I played Turnberry when I was nine years old.  It was an amateur event there.  I think it was called the Health Perception Championship.  Actually the winner of it got to play in the Pro‑Am with Morgan Pressel, so I won that.  I beat this like 30‑year‑old lady.  I won that in a playoff.  I remember actually it was that windy, I got blew away by the wind because I was really light and my dad had to pick me up.  That was really funny.


            Q.  Have you ever played Gleneagles where the Ryder Cup is going to be?

            CHARLEY HULL:  No, I’ve never played there before.  I’ve always wanted to but I’ve never had the chance.