With over 15 years at the vanguard of logistic planning for international sporting events for many years; Fairexx are renowned for their first class service delivery to Sporting brands the world over.

Based in one of the fastest growing and most dynamic capital cities in the world, Berlin, Fairexx, recognized as one of the world’s specialist event and exhibition logistic suppliers, has welcomed with great enthusiasm the partnership with the Ladies European Tour.

Crossing international datelines, working with a complexities of varying time zones; dealing with the magnitude of cultures and working practices with peoples from around the globe; connecting leisure and business hubs; Fairexx, with offices in Amsterdam, Munich, London, New York, Singapore and Dubai will ensure that the Ladies European Tour will benefit from the company’s local knowledge on a Global scale.

“We will ensure that through our use of the latest logistics software and premium distribution services we will bring an extra special service for the LET, ensuring players and fans alike enjoy the spectacle of the game on display,” says Marco Junghans, MD of Fairexx.



“Our business is about bringing people together, crossing borders and working with cultures from around the world; our specific services include developing logistics strategy, management of the supply chain, events & exhibitions, warehousing, on-site handling and storage of equipment and supplies for the Ladies European Tour. Our goal each and every day is to enable players to focus on the game and to ensure that spectators can soak up the atmosphere.

“We have worked diligently these past 12 months – working alongside both players and the organizing teams ensuring that we understand that when the LET entrust Fairexx with their delivery schedules our focus is to ensure the success of their business – so when we make a promise to the LET we keep it. The Ladies European Tour partnership is one we are immeasurably proud of.”

– Marco Junghans, MD of Fairexx