On the last day of the European Week of Sport and also the last day of the Ryder Cup in Paris, rising French star Camille Chevalier talks about her love of golf and the great outdoors.

Who introduced you to sport and what sports did you try when you were younger?

My parents introduced me to sport. They love to be active outside and they definitely passed it down to my brother and I. When I was younger I tried a lot of different sports that I still love and practise today. I played tennis, I played golf, I raced in skiing, I learned to sail and participate in regatta, I surfed and we did a lot of hiking with my family. All these sports are practised outside in nature, which is what I love about them.

What is it about sport that makes you happy?

Two main things about sport makes me happy. First, I love competition and to surpass myself. I really fulfill myself by trying to be the best I can be in a sport. Setting goals and reaching them in sport is one of the things I love most in life. Second, I love to be in nature and to look at beautiful scenery. Playing golf, hiking, skiing, sailing and surfing are sports that can provide amazing views if you choose a nice spot.

Besides golf, what sports do you do actively and why?

I hike and I do yoga. I usually hike up a mountain or a hill to get a view when I reach the top. My favorite hikes are in the Alps. The Mont Blanc is my favourite mountain to look at and I have tried to hike many different mountains around it to compare the views. I also practice yoga every day. Yoga is great because you can practice it wherever you are and it takes your mind away. I like it because it calls for both your mind and your body. It also helps with flexibility, which is not my number one skill!

What positive effects does a sporty lifestyle have?

I think a sporty lifestyle makes you feel good and happy. It helps to prevent all kinds of health issues. It increases blood flow, which reduces the risk of heart disease. It also increases healthy endorphins, which makes you happier. People usually feel good about themselves when they have a sporty lifestyle. A sporty lifestyle also helps to create good sleeping habits. In general, it is just very healthy!

What does the #BeActive campaign mean to you and why do you support it?

The #BeActive campaign is super important. I support it because I think so many people could have their life improved by having a more sporty lifestyle. Having a sporty lifestyle and eating well are two really important things to be healthy and happy in life. I support this campaign because I want to help spread the word about how amazing it is to be active. I want to share my own experience with the public, and show that my sporty lifestyle helps me to be healthy and balanced.

How do you use your position to help inspire other people to have an active lifestyle?

Mostly, I use social media. It is a great and easy way to communicate a message and to show your lifestyle. Also, just talking about my daily routine to the people around me is efficient in triggering some kind of motivation to be more active.

How has your active lifestyle helped you to overcome a problem?

It was not really a problem, but just a hard time. I lost a very close member of my family and these moments are always tough to go through. A sporty lifestyle, and sport in general, helped me to overcome the pain. Indeed, sport allowed me to clear my mind, think and focus on something else. Also, I thought I could surpass myself for this person.