Avondale Golf Club’s Grace Kim is back from Singapore and is ready for the test of the Women’s NSW Open beginning tomorrow at Coffs Harbour Golf Club.

The 17-year-old, who is in the middle of one of the longest runs of consecutive tournaments she has ever faced, is aiming to be as competitive as possible this week.

“I haven’t played in as many big tournaments in a row like this, so it has been a challenge. I am hoping I do better than just make the cut,” Kim said.

The high school student has added a few frequent flyer miles to her account in recent weeks including last week’s trip to Singapore for the Women’s Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship where she finished 47th.

Despite not being completely satisfied with her performance last week, Kim said she learnt a lot from the girls she played against and is aware now of how much further her game needs improving.

“I learnt a lot of things I need to work on last week. Just because you’re good in Australia doesn’t mean you’re one of the best in the world, so playing amongst those top players was a good experience.

“I need to work on how far I hit the ball. I’m hitting longer clubs in (to greens), and they are hitting very short irons in.

“I know it’s a lot more gym work and conditioning, but I have to be patient, it will come over time,” she said.
Besides understanding the level of improvement needed to be competitive on the world stage, Kim took the opportunity to find out about the US college pathways some of her playing companions had taken.

“I talked to them about college life. One of the girls liked it, but she also liked studying hard too. Another one was quite like me, not really a study person, but she was still doing well in the golf section. I hadn’t thought of college before, but I will definitely consider it now,” she said.

A number of college coaches were in Singapore at last week’s tournament, and Kim’s name was certainly on the list of more than one US institution. A couple have already been in contact with the impressive teenager.

“I had the Arizona (State) Coach watching me last week. They’ve already made contact with me as well, but I’ve told them I’m not quite sure what I will do, but I will get back to them,” she smiled.