Ariane Provot of France during the Ladies German Open

We met French rookie Ariane Provot during the Ladies Italian Open and talked about her experiences on tour since she earned her LET card in December last year. She started to play golf aged eight and also enjoyed ballet and gymnastics. Provot turned professional in 2013 and has already played in seven LET tournaments so far this year. She is now ranked 11th on the Rookie of The Year rankings behind compatriot Isabelle Boineau.

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“Since I earned my card I have played seven tournaments on the LET and made four cuts, which I’m pretty satisfied with. I have also learned a few new things about life on tour, for example, the welcome party at the tournaments, where you have to be well dressed. I think it is a good idea, it allows people who follow us to see us dress differently, other than golf attire and the dinner organised allows players to get to know them a little better and socialise. In other words: I like gala dinners.”

“I also enjoy the fair play there is on tour. Indeed, in each tournament that I have played, the girls were super nice. They always said to me “good round” or “I am happy for you” or “very good job” when I play well … And so on. And this is really nice compared to the amateur tournaments that I was used to.”

“I struggled when I don’t have a caddy and my playing partners do. I feel like I interfere all the time.. as you cannot be as effective as two people. Although I thank the referees who are very understanding when the game goes a little slow. They are patient and in addition they thank us when we catch up and get back to the right pace of play.”

“At the moment I’m really enjoying playing on the Ladies European Tour. I have recently qualified for The Evian Championship and this is a success that I did not expect so soon in my career, but it’s good for me and it is really great for my experience and confidence in my game. I would like to play there with the best players of the moment and be able to compare myself to them. Also, it will be really good to learn the parts of my game which still need to improve in order to achieve the best level. I’ve had the chance to play together with Gwladys at the Deloitte Ladies Open and that was a nice experience, too. “

 “So I’ll continue to live my rookie year with the aim to keep my card at the end of the season. Also, I will try to be more comfortable next year and organise my life a little better according to the way this tour requires. “

Good luck for the rest of season! Bonne chance pour le reste de la saison!

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