LET Rookie professional Inci Mehmet, 20, from London, is supporting the European Commission’s #BeActive campaign over the week of September 23-30, 2017, which is encouraging people to get moving. Read on to find out more about her approach to health and fitness.

Who introduced you to sport and what sports did you try when you were younger?
I grew up with my mum and so she wanted to keep me busy all day, every day. As a result, I participated in all the sports at school including extra curriculum classes. In total, I used to do gymnastics, swimming, tennis, football, netball, athletics, hockey, horse riding, golf, volleyball and ice skating… Everything really!

What about sport makes you happy?
I enjoy everything about sports. I find being active fun, it switches me on and I love competition: it keeps me fit, feeling good during and afterwards and overall, I enjoy participating in sports with other people.

What side effects does a sporty lifestyle have?
You feel good. When I feel fit, I feel strong and look strong, I love that feeling. It also lets you have some naughty treats a little more often too because you will burn it off… Not too often though!

Besides golf, what sports do you do actively and why?
Other than golf, I train in the gym. I see the gym as another opportunity to get stronger and fitter but I also enjoy exploring new exercises and testing my body in different ways.

What does the #BeActive campaign mean to you and why do you support it?
Anything to encourage others to be active will hurt nobody! It is a great thing to be part of and I feel very honoured! I am proud that I am a full-time athlete and that it is my occupation. Sharing it with others but also learning with others would only do myself and others good.

How do you use your position to help inspire other people to have an active lifestyle?
Social media is a useful tool but I fortunately get into a lot of conversations with people and often talk about golf or sports in general. I see socialising also as a good opportunity to help inspire others, by sharing new ideas, encouraging others with their personal fitness goals etc.

Has your active lifestyle helped you to overcome a problem?
Sport has always kept me busy. It has always helped me have a good mind set and stay focused on challenges and skills. I find this a useful life skill that helps me to apply it to daily challenges.

You can read more about the campaign here: https://ec.europa.eu/sport/week_en