Kylie Walker has been on fire this summer with two play-off wins in Holland and Germany. Now the Aberdeen Asset Management Ladies Scottish Open ambassador is preparing for a glorious homecoming at Archerfield Links in East Lothian.

Your previous career best season was in 2011, when you earned over €50,000 and finished 47th on the OOM. Currently, you are ranked 7th and have already earned €88,639.65, so what do you think have been the key elements of your improvement?

I have worked hard with my golf coach Kevin Craggs, we have worked together for 5 years and never strayed from the process we believe works. My swing is now more reliable and consistent.

I have been working with my mind coach Ed McCosh for 6 years and we have improved my mental strength and confidence in pressure situations.

I have started training more efficiently this year with my new strength and conditioning coach Kenny McKenzie and as a result I feel stronger and fitter for the challenges that travelling presents me with.

I feel that all these components combined with perseverance and patience has been the key for me this season.

What have you been practicing in recent months?

I’ve been working on all aspects of my game and trying to improve all the time.

According to the stats, you are ranked 10th in driving distance with an average of 264 yards, so you are pretty long, and 9th in putting average, with under 30 putts per round. We can see that you make a lot of birdies: 97 so far. What is the best part of your game?

My game is now more consistent and that has allowed me the chance to score lower. My driving has always been a good strength but my putting has been the key this season, it’s improved a lot this year. Once you start to see putts going in, it gives you the confidence to hole more.

What inspired you to your record 24-under-par after three rounds at the Ladies German Open?

I loved that week in Germany, I really liked the course as soon as I played a practice round and I felt good about my game. It was a great week to be in Munich as Germany had just won the World Cup… I think that gave me some extra inspiration.

Where do you normally practice when you are not playing tournaments?

I practice at home in Glasgow, either at Mar Hall or World of Golf driving range or Buchanan Castle…it all depends on the weather! 

What advice would you give your colleagues on tour who have not yet won any tournaments?

I struggled and persevered through some hard times with my golf but I never stopped believing I could win.

How will you prepare for your next tournament in your home country, the Aberdeen Asset Management Ladies Scotland Open?

I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been practicing in some windy conditions so that should prepare me well.

How do you like playing in your country and this golf club in particular?

It’s so much fun to play in front of a home crowd and I love Archerfield. It’s such a good course and fun to play.

Is Catriona Matthew your role model? What’s your relationship with her?

Catriona is a fantastic player and a great role model for Scottish Golf. I know she works really hard at her game and it shows with how consistent she is. Catriona is a good friend and I’m lucky to get the chance to play with her a few times a year. I can learn so much from the way she plays the game and handles herself.