The Ladies European Tour Qualifying School is the gateway for female players to compete at an elite level globally. The Ladies European Tour Qualifying will be held at the end of each season to establish which players, not otherwise exempt, will gain their playing privileges on the Tour for the following season through a qualifying competition. It’s a tough school for one of female golf’s most coveted prizes, namely Membership of The Ladies European Tour, the voice of female golf and a place among the female golfing elite. Along the way, dreams are made and hopes shattered in equal measure.

“Winning Ladies European Tour School has given me extra opportunities…..I want to win a tournament and be rookie of the year and participate in the 2016 Olympics”

Nanna Koerstz Madsen, 2015 Ladies European Tour School Winner

“Because of Ladies European Tour School I am now currently enjoying my third year on the LET and loving it. The tour is like one big family and I am very proud to be a part of it”

Amy Boulden, Rookie of the Year 2014

The Qualifying School is held over two stages, pre-qualifying and final qualifying. Pre-Qualifying is held at a series of venues in Morocco and Cambodia highlighting the tours global flavour and consistent with the current membership from more than 38 countries. Competitors enter the Qualifying School each year, all aspiring for a Ladies European Tour card, awarded to the top 25 competitors following the Final Stage. A player will have to focus for 162 holes enduring intense pressure to realise their goals.

The top 5 players will earn category 5b and those players finishing in positions 6 – 25 players will earn Category 8a Membership of The Ladies European Tour for the following season. Other categories are available for players who do not finish within the top 25, enabling them to receive a Ladies European Tour Card but limited opportunities to gain a place in fields upon entry.

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