Al Maaden Golf & Resort with Medium Atlas on backgroundLalla Aicha Tour School has already started and it’s under way. By 17th December, when the 9 days of competitive golf conclude, the top 30 players and ties will earn Category 8a membership of the Ladies European Tour, enabling them to play the majority of the events on the 2013 LET calendar.

A total of 210 players aprox. have entered LET Qualifying School for the 2013 season, with the majority from Sweden, England and then the USA. There are competitors from approximately 35 different nationalities in total including two countries not yet represented on the LET: Peru and Kenya.

Lalla Aicha Tour School is being played over two stages in Marrakech. The First Stage takes place from December 6-9, followed by Final Stage from December 13-17:

1st Stage -Pre Qualifying 6-9th December

At Pre-Qualifying, the 154 entrants, including over 40 amateurs, have been split into two fields (77 players each): A and B, who are playing on both Al Maaden Golf Resort and Almekis Golf Club. Field A play the courses in the order of Al Maaden, Amelkis, Al Maaden, Amelkis and Field B play the courses in the order of Amelkis, AlMaaden, Amelkis, Al Maaden.

Golf Almekis

After 2 rounds we have two leaders from England: Emily Taylor (am) and Holly Clyburn, with total of -9, on top of the list at Field A and B, respectively.

Check complete results here: Field A and Field B

There are 72 holes scheduled and after final round on 9th December, only the top 45 and ties per field (total aprox. 90 players) will continue to the Final Stage starting on 13th December and those who do not make the cut will be eligible for Membership in Category 12b.

Some figures:

  • 154 players from 32 different countries
  • Majority from Sweden, England and USA
  • 43 amateurs
  • Countries represented include Latvia, Kazhajistan from Eastern Europe; Kenia from Africa; Peru, Mexico and Colombia from South America.

Tee 10th on Al Maaden Golf & Resort with Atlas MountainsCheyenne WOODS, from USA, is Tiger’s half-niece and is one of the most recognisable players in the field together with some familiar faces from our feeder tour, LETAS, like Daniela Holmqvist and Isabella Ramsay, both from Sweden.

Final Stage -13-17th December

At the Final Stage of qualifying, 90 holes of play are scheduled and approximately 60 players exempt to the final stage will join approximately 90 qualifiers from the first  stage. The total field of 150 players approx. will play over both the Al Maaden and Amelkis Courses, while the final round will be played on the Al Maaden Course.

There will be a cut to the leading 60 players and ties after 72 holes and those players who fail to make the 72 hole cut will be eligible for Membership in Category 12a.

Finally, after the final round the top 30 players and ties will be eligible for Membership in Category 8a and will be ranked in final score order; if necessary a play-off will take place to establish 1st position. And those players who have made the cut and finish in positions 31 and below will be ranked according to score and be eligible for Membership in Category 9b.