New Ladies European Tour Member Rosie Davies from Wandsworth in London not only uses her CrossFit gym to physically prepare for tournaments, but she also uses her business to fund her golf. We caught up with her at the LET Rookie Orientation at La Sella Resort in Dénia, Alicante, where she was preparing for the season after finishing tied 11th at Lalla Aicha Tour School in Morocco.  

Rosie, how have you found Rookie Orientation so far?

It’s been so helpful meeting everybody and getting to know the fellow rookies because I don’t really know people that well. I went to university in America and didn’t really play much junior golf before in England, so I don’t really know any of the Europeans. I know more of the girls in America. Getting to know the staff has really helped me out and put me in good stead for the season.

How do you find the facilities at La Sella?

They are great. The golf course is awesome. The hotel is amazing and I think we’ve been really lucky. The food has been brilliant and it’s always great to stay in a Marriott.

Can you tell me about your involvement with CrossFit?

I actually co-own a CrossFit gym in London: CrossFit Wandsworth. When I was in university in America I discovered it and I found it really helped me with my golf game. It’s all about functional movements, which is basically things you need for life, being able to keep your body ready for whatever challenges life throws at you. It’s completely changed the way I play the game. I’ve had back injuries in the past and it’s strengthened my core, which has allowed me to practise for longer hours. I’m from Wandsworth and when I came back from the States me and my fellow teammate saw there was a gap in the market in the UK and secured the funding.

How has that helped with your golf?

It’s helped me because it takes a lot of the stress off. I have an income outside of golf and it’s a key sponsor for me, like sponsoring myself, which allows me to focus on the golf aspect and not worry about money because I’ve got my own business set up at home. I am in charge of the accounts and I can do that on the road very easily.

How did you get into golf?

Through my dad. It was a way of us spending time together. He would take me down to the range and we would spend hours just hitting balls together. I was five but I actually didn’t play competitive golf until I was 18. I always played golf, but I actually played football growing up, for Arsenal Ladies’ and Fulham Ladies, so I didn’t play competitive golf until I was 18 and I moved to America. I went to the Hank Haney Golf Academy in my gap year and from there I got a golf scholarship to Indiana University.

Who do you know on tour?

I know Emily Talley only through Tour School. We had a common bond of playing in the States.

How are you preparing for the season ahead?

I’ve spent some time in the south of France with my coach. I’ve spent a long two weeks down there with him, working on my swing, a lot of time in the gym too.

What tournament are you most looking forward to?

The first one that I play in because I just want to get started. Currently I’m second reserve for New Zealand.