You wouldn’t automatically think of a Family Law firm and a Ladies Welsh and European Tour golf Champion being the perfect match on and off the fairways but this is what 123 Divorce and Lydia Hall are.

Both very much leaders in their field, or what marketing people would term as Disruptors within their chosen professions, Lydia and 123 Divorce teamed up at the beginning of the year, with the dream to push Lydia further and higher than before, with the backing of a new Family Law Firm in the arena.

Lydia who hails from Bridgend, has spent the last 12 years on the Ladies European Tour circuit, honing and perfecting her skills on golf courses around the world and back at Southerndown Golf Club, when she is back on home soil.

Certainly in the last 12 years, she has picked up some notable wins, including the ISPS Handa Ladies British Masters back in 2012, which is noted as the biggest golf event in Europe outside of the major golf events. Two further wins have solidified her reputation in the often brutal arena of Professional golf, where the Ladies involved are playing for their livelihoods and careers on a weekly basis.

The win that put Lydia back on the map and certainly draws comparisons with the 123 Divorce Brand, was when she won the 2016 Welsh PGA National. This made her the first ever female golfer to win in a PGA National tournament, making her unique in the golfing profession by beating an otherwise all male field.

Certainly the comparison with 123 Divorce is very apt, in that upon entering the field of Family Law, they have already started making waves against the more traditional high-street law firms that people know. Also 123 Divorce are themselves winners, having won 2 awards on their launch day at Wales’ biggest business expo in November 2018.

With an ethos of being AFFORDABLE for everyone, BENEFICIAL for the whole family & CONVENIENT for our clients and by making the whole experience as simple and easy as 1.2.3TM, it is clear to see why people are flocking to the law firm for advice on any Family Law matters. This is significant, at a time when family law matters are unaffordable for most people. 123 Divorce offer the best of both worlds, making high-quality family law expertise affordable and accessible to everyone, by eliminating the taxi-meter styled billing system which causes final bill anxiety, with their fixed fee online divorce and family law packages.

It is easy to see why Lydia and 123 Divorce are a good fit for each other; with 123 Divorce breaking down unaffordable, aloof and adversarial stereotypes of the legal sector and Lydia disrupting a traditionally male domain on the PGA tour as a first time female winner.

With both Lydia and 123 Divorce making waves in their respective industries, then the partnership will continue to flourish and grow. As Lydia travels all over the UK and World, solidifying her ranking within the world of golf, she will be taking the 123 Brand everywhere with her, introducing people to the more affordable, beneficial and convenient way of receiving  Family Law services.

Credit: Today’s News

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