Today, Lucie Andre is playing in the second round of the WPGA International Challenge at Stoke by Nayland Hotel Golf and Spa in England, which is he penultimate event of the season on the 2017 LET Access Series. We caught up with her during the European Week of Sport to find out about her commitment to #BeActive.

Who got you into sport and what sports did you try when you were younger? 

It was my parents that first introduced me to sport and when I was at school I also tried a lot of different sports. I first tried swimming and then gymnastics. I also played tennis for more than eight years and I was on the school handball team. I wanted to be the best and beat the boys and that made me really good and it motivated me to keep going.

Why do you love sport?

When I have a good sport session, I am very happy and proud about my achievement and I can’t wait to do it again. I am working out to be in competition with myself, to be better than I was yesterday, it’s a personal challenge. I feel the results quickly and I see how my body changes month after month and I also get more focused and it prevents me from injuries.

What positive side effects does a sporty lifestyle have?

It’s my life balance – eating healthy and doing sport makes me happy. Seeing that my hard work is paying off and that I can achieve my goals develops my self confidence. It’s also a way to let go off my stress and clear my mind.

Besides golf, what sports do you do actively and why?

I am doing a lot of Les Mills fitness classes such as body pump, body combat, RPM, body balance. I never do the same class twice a week and I really like to mix my classes because I think we need a variety (balance, cardio, stretch, strong muscles, etc). I go to the gym six times a week when I am at home but I am not working out to be better at playing golf. I work out because I need it. I need to get my energy out, it’s like a drug for me. I like to give 100% of my energy when I am working out and I am lucky to have some great coaches around me who are pushing me to become better. I am also playing squash a lot during winter time. It’s a fantastic sport to work on your cardio, agility, flexibility and coordination.

Lucia Andre

What does the #beactive campaign means to you and why do you support the campaign?

The #BeActive campaign means a lot to me because all my life is about sport and it fits to my philosophy. I think that being active is very easy and it can change your life dramatically. It can change your mood, concentration, reduce stress, improve your sleep quality and health.

How do you use your position to help and inspire other people to have an active lifestyle?

I often encourage my friends to go with me to the gym to work out together. It’s all about motivation and if you have a good friend who is doing sport with you, it’s easier to keep on going and finding a good routine. Even with a busy day at work, we all can do a 20 min workout at home with simple exercices.

Do you want to share a story on how your active lifestyle helped you to overcome a problem?

Sometimes when I had a tough round of golf, I go straight to the gym to clear up my mind, think about something else and get all the frustrations out of my body. It helps me to feel great again and forget about bad rounds of golf 🙂