The European Week of Sport is coming to an end and throughout the week the LET has been profiling some of its members to highlight the significant impact that sport has on people and the positive effects that result from being active. 

The LET members that have been profiled all use sport to keep focused and determined, and to positively overcome negative obstacles. Sport also enables them to free their minds, which in the long-term, creates less stress and tension when playing golf and wanting to perform at their optimum.

On the final day of the European Week of Sport, the spotlight falls on LET Rookie professional Meghan MacLaren who is leading the LET Access Series Order of Merit after winning the Azores Ladies Open and posting five further top-10 finishes so far this season. The 23-year-old from Northamptonshire in England is also has had a strong year on the LET and recently finished sixth in the Andalucia Costa del Sol Open de Espana Femenino. Meghan is supporting the European Commission’s #BeActive campaign and here she talks about her love of sport.

Who got you into sport and what sports did you try when you were younger?

My family were the biggest influence in getting me into sport. I played both football and golf when I was young and loved them both, although I think I always knew in the back of my mind I had more potential going down the golf route.

What about sport makes you happy?

I love the competition when it comes to sport. The adrenaline you get when you’re in those high intensity situations; when you can see that all the work you’ve done is showing itself in your performances is something that’s hard to beat. I also love the practice side of it as every day is a chance to improve something.

What side effects does a sporty lifestyle have?
Sport enables you to meet some great people who share similar interests to you and a lot of the time have the same priorities in their lives. Getting to travel to so many different places is pretty cool too.

What does the #BeActive campaign mean to you and why do you support the campaign?

I think the Be Active campaign is fantastic because having an active lifestyle will more often than not make you happier with the life you’re living. Whether it’s simply being outdoors more and starting your day with a more positive outlook, or finding a new sporting passion that drives your decisions every day, there is a level for everyone and benefits for everyone. Being active will help you feel good about yourself, and that will show itself in everything you do.

Has your active lifestyle helped you to overcome a problem?

I also think sport and being active can be a great release from other things you may have going on in your life. There are plenty of stories of people who have been through  adversity and have used sport as a way to find new direction in their life, which I find really inspiring. For me I love having purpose in my life and I hope that’s something others can see and be influenced by. I’m excited to get up every day because of the constant opportunities to get better at what I do. I think the more active people are, the more they view things in a similar way.

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