LET CEO Alexandra Armas joined Beth Allen and Emma Dodds, hosts of podcast ‘On The Dance Floor’, to discuss the impact of Covid-19 and plans for LET golf resuming. She also discusses the position of tournament sponsors and playing rights for next year.

“The excitement is still there. There is no doubt that what got everyone involved in committing to the schedule for this season, they are still 100 per cent behind it,” said Armas, who was appointed as CEO in January. “There are so many variables now that it’s uncertain to know what it might look like or how long it will take to be able to commit again at that level, but there is no doubt that they are still 100 per cent excited about this joint venture and the future of women’s professional golf in Europe and they are doing every thing possible to be ready when we get going to allow the players to compete.”

The podcast also chats to Performance Coach Karl Morris who offers advice on being mindful during this lockdown and journalist Matt Cooper adds his thoughts on where golf is and where the players go from here.

You can hear the whole podcast here: