A top-level playing career combined with a PGA qualification can open many doors in the golf industry when it comes to transitioning from life on tour to a second career. A PGA qualification doesn’t just lead to a teaching job. PGA Professionals work in many aspects of the golf industry – sales, manufacturing, event management, facility operations, broadcasting and more.


Over the years, some LET players have decided to gain their qualification whilst playing on tour. This isn’t always easy, but it is worth considering. We hope you will have a long and successful career, but you never know when your time on tour will come to an end. Having a PGA qualification before you finish playing on the tour will make it much easier to find a job when you need to. This is often described as ‘having a Plan B’ or a ‘fallback’.

You might have obtained a degree through the American university system and you see this as your Plan B. However, when you come to use your degree qualification, it might be several years out of date and you’ll be competing against other people who graduated when you did, but they will have gained several of years of work experience while you’ve been on tour.

During your playing career, you will be asked many times by promoters, sponsors, your National Federation and others (including the Development Department!) to help with clinics and Q&A sessions. Being PGA qualified – even if only Level 1 or Level 2 qualified – will help to give you confidence.


For more advice about how to become PGA qualified in your country, you will need to contact your National PGA. Below is a list of the websites for each PGA where you will find the relevant contact details .

List of National PGAs
PGA of Americawww.pga.com
PGA of Austriawww.apga.info
PGA of Belgiumwww.pga.be
PGA of Brazilwww.pgadobrasil.com.br
PGA of Bulgariawww.pga-bulgaria.com
PGA of Canadawww.pgaofcanada.com
PGA of Croatiawww.pga.hr
PGA of Czech Republicwww.pga.cz
PGA of Denmarkwww.pga.dk
PGA of Estoniawww.pga.ee
PGA of Finlandwww.pga.fi
PGA of Francewww.pgafrance.org
PGA of GB&Iwww.pga.info
PGA of Germanywww.pga.de
PGA of Greecewww.greekpga.gr
PGA of Hollandwww.pgaholland.nl
PGA of Hong Kongwww.hkpga.com.hk
PGA of Hungarywww.pgah.hu
PGA of Icelandwww.pga.is
PGA of Israelhttp://pgaisrael.googlepages.com
PGA of Italywww.pga.it
PGA of Lithuaniawww.pga-ltu.lt
PGA of Luxembourgwww.pga.lu
PGA of Maltawww.pgamalta.com
PGA of Norwaywww.pganorway.no
PGA of Polandwww.pgapolska.com
PGA of Portugalwww.pgaportugal.pt
PGA of Russiawww.rusgolf.ru
PGA of Serbiawww.golfasocijacijasrbije.rs/spgu
PGA of Slovakiawww.pga.sk
PGA of Sloveniawww.pgaslo.si
PGA of South Africawww.pga.co.za
PGA of Spainwww.pgaspain.com
PGA of Swedenwww.pgasweden.com
PGA of Switzerlandwww.swisspga.ch
PGA of Turkey

Some National PGAs have special arrangements for individuals who have played on the professional tours.