Getting to know Danish rookie Nicole Broch Larsen. Nicole turned professional in August last year and earned LET membership in category 7 through the LETAS. She has now played in nine LET events and is currently 3rd on the Rookie of the Year Rankings.

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Tell us about your golf experiences since you joined the tour: I played my first event in China, in March, and I was really excited to start my season on LET after 3 months without tournaments. I made the cut, finished tied for 36th, and went off to Morocco to play in the next event, as a happy girl. 

In Morocco I played really good golf, but didn´t score well in the two first rounds, so I was very happy to make the cut by 2 shots. I played better during the weekend, and moved up in the leaderboard to finish tied for 17th.

After the first two weeks on tour, we had 6 weeks off and I spent two of them with my boyfriend (who is also pro) in Dubai, where we had a little practice camp.

In the start of May I was off to Turkey to my third event on tour. I had my coach with me and played good golf again, but did some stupid mistakes, which held me back from the top. I finished tied for 13th. And my next event was in Holland, where I didn’t play well. I was off mentally and missed my first cut.

Three weeks off to prepare for the next long stretch of tournaments. I enjoyed having time to work on the swing and felt I took some good things with me to Slovakia. In Slovakia I played a really bad first round, but improved every day the next three rounds, and finished tied for 10th. So happy for my first top 10!

The week after was a rollercoaster for me. I started with a good round, but really messed it up in the second. That round taught me a lot! I finished tied for 34th which was not what I hoped for. Directly from Italy to England, to play the next event. I didn’t play my best in England, but my putter really spoiled it and I finished T51.

From the tournament in Buckinghamshire I went directly to the British Open qualifier the day after, where I missed a spot in the British Open in the playoff. I saw it like a win-win. Of course it would have been awesome to play the British Open, that´s what I wanted, but having four days at home before the next two events, was really nice too. I went to see my family and got some new energy for Germany and Czech Republic. My game was really good those two weeks, but I didn’t manage to score as good as I could and wanted. I finished T34 and T23. I have enjoyed the weeks on tour and learned a lot the first half of the season.  

Tell us how you and your game have changed since you joined the tour: I don’t think I have changed a lot, luckily. I have tried to do what I did before I joined the tour, but at the same time, I have tried to learn something every week. But of course I am more confident on tour now, than I was in the start, but I don’t think my game and I have changed a lot.

How you have been preparing for this? I have talked a lot with my team about it. We have talked a lot about how the first year should be on tour, how important it is to stick to the routines, and then observe and learn. 

Your travel experiences: I have enjoyed travelling around the world, especially because I have got a good roomie and a lot of good friends on tour. I have a lot of fun out there. My first event was in China and the week after Morocco, that trip was the longest and the most crazy I have been through until now. It took 24 hours to get from China to Morocco! But I like travelling and my job!

Your thoughts about the tour: I think the tour is really good, with great staff taking care of us, who organize the tour very well. I enjoy every week on tour, with good friends and the thing I love – playing golf!

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