Several first-year LET members are attending Rookie Orientation at La Sella Golf Resort in Dénia, Spain, this week and they have been speaking about their goals for 2018 and beyond.

Keeping or improving their category of membership, qualifying for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and making the European Solheim Cup team featured highly on the players’ agendas.

Susana Ribeiro, from Portugal, said: “This season I want a full card on the LET and if I can play the qualifiers, hopefully get into a major. I have a long-term goal to play in the next Olympic Games, so that’s what I’m working for.”

Katja Pogacar, from Slovenia, added: “My goal for this season is to get the best out of it and my long-term goal is to make the Olympics in 2020.”

Fanny Cnops, from Belgium, commented: “My goals for this season are to get my full card on the LET and hopefully win a professional tournament. My long-term goals are to play a lot of years on the LET and hopefully play in The Solheim Cup; that’s the dream.”

Local player Natasha Fear, whose home club is La Sella Golf Resort, said: “My goals for the season are to keep my tour card for next year. I’m not going to get a lot of starts to I’ll try to make the most of the opportunity. My long-term goals are to play in The Solheim Cup, as if you do that then you’re one of the best.”

Norwegian Marita Engzelius also had lofty ambitions and said: “My goal for the season will be rookie of the year. My long-term goals are to play in The Solheim Cup and the Olympic Games. So far, I think my best achievement would be when I won the 2014 Symetra Tour Championship.”

The LET Access Series also featured in the players’ plans and Gemma Fuster Anglada, from Barcelona, said: “I would love to play in as many tournaments as I can on the LET Access Series and on the LET and post the best scores that I can.”

For Eun-Jung Ji, also known as ‘Jenny’, who is splitting her season between the LET and LETAS, winning a LETAS event is her first objective.

The LET Rookie Orientation is taking place at the Hotel Dénia La Sella Golf Resort & Spa, in Alicante, Spain, for the fourth consecutive year and the players are being trained in a variety of subjects to prepare them for their careers as professional golfers on the Tour.