Self-awareness and acting calm and balanced in stressful situations are important elements of being a professional golfer as well as developing as a person outside golf.

Ahead of the Helsingborg Open, the Ladies European Tour Rookie class of 2015 participated in a session where they learned the principles of ‘Mindfulness’ from Mental Training Coach Igor Ardoris, as part of the #LETDevelops Rookie programme.

All of the Rookies playing in the tournament were presented with methods and techniques on how to deal with inner stress and the ability to stay in the present in order to achieve peak performance.

Igor, who has worked with several international athletes and organisations, commented: “This was an introduction to the basic principles of mental training: control of tension, breathing and attention. Those are the three factors that we can attend to influence our state of being, both physically and mentally. Because golf is so much about precision and technique, a small difference in breathing and where you put your attention can create a big difference in performance and results and outcome.”

Denmark’s Nanna Koertz Madsen, who is leading the LET Rookie Rankings, said: “We have mental coaches with the Danish National Team and

I think it’s important as golf is such a mental game. I’m using breathing techniques to keep my focus on the course.”

LET Rookie Lynn Carlsson from Sweden added: “It’s always good to remind yourself how to keep focused on the things that you can control, rather than worrying about the things you can’t, so I really enjoyed the session.”

The ‘Mindfulness’ Mental Training completed a comprehensive educational development programme for the LET Rookies of 2015 who gained a wide variety of knowledge and skills designed to aid and assist them in their careers as professional sportswomen.