Ever since the German National Soccer Team gave it their best and sang the song “Fußball ist unser Leben (Football is Our Life)” at the 1974 World Cup, every Soccer World Cup now has its own anthem. From the very beginning of the Solheim Cup, fan songs have played an important role – particularly at the first tee off, the American and European fans traditionally try to sing and cheer over one another. But what song represents Europe? In the past, this question was not always easy to answer. This is why for the first time in the history of the Solheim Cup and with the support of our global partner, Allianz, the European Team now has its own song. The name of the song is “Unforgettable” and it was produced in Sweden. “Unforgettable” will definitely get the players in the mood during the Solheim Cup Week.

The song was composed and produced by the Swedish songwriter Hans Wikkelso, who also wrote the 2001 hit “Rivers of Joy” for the No Angels, which climbed into the top ten in the German charts. During the Solheim Cup Week, the Swedish girl group, Trinity, will perform “Unforgettable” live.

“The three women in the band normally perform as solo acts and they have come together especially for this occasion – very much like the players at the Solheim Cup,” explained Wikkelso who also plays golf himself and as a fan, will also be following the Solheim Cup. “It was important that they are a group of three because the European Team will also be trying for their third victory in a row!”

“I love this song,” said Carin Koch, the European Team Captain. “It sends out so much positive energy that I am sure that it will help us to have the right attitude to compete during the Solheim Cup Week.”

“The Solheim Cup comes alive through its emotions,” said Manfred Boschatzke, Marketing and Sponsoring Manager for Allianz Germany, which carried the production costs for the song and supported the project all along the way. “When the European Captain, Carin Koch came to us with the wish to have such a song produced, we didn’t hesitate for a minute. “Unforgettable” fits to the Solheim Cup motto of #SupportYourTeam and it fits with our philosophy as a global partner of doing our part to make this week unforgettable for all of those involved.”

The song will be released for download by Sony on Friday 11th September.

Watch the song on YouTube