Camilla Lennarth of Sweden during the Allianz Ladies Slovak Open presented by RESPECT

Camilla Lennarth earned her breakthrough win at the Allianz Ladies Slovak Open presented by RESPECT in June and has had two further top-ten finishes from 11 events played so far this year. We caught up with the ninth ranked LET player half way through the 2014 season. Find Camilla’s latest stats and results here

1.      What do you think have been the key elements of this improvement? 

My biggest improvement this year has been my putting. My highest and lowest level of putting is much better than only a year ago which makes a big difference in scoring. I’ve got help from my swing coach who is also an excellent short game coach. He’s the swing coach of many very good Swedish players. We have continued working on all parts of my game. Sometimes the improvements have taken longer and sometimes shorter. I still have many things to learn. But golf is not only about how far or straight you can hit it. A lot of things go on in my head during a round of golf and it was only two years ago that I realised I needed help to sort out thoughts and feelings that were sometimes taking over my game. Now I’ve a mental coach for that, so I don’t have to be alone with my thoughts.

2.       What have you been practicing in the past months, before and during this season?

Before this season started I practiced a lot more putting than I had before. I’ve continued working on my putting through the season and I’ve made improvement, but there is still a long way for me to go to become the great putter I want to be.

3.       How would you define your game now? How can you explain the up & downs on your game and what are you working on to be more consistent with the results?

Yes, this season has been up and down at times. My highest level of golf has become much better this year and therefore a win and top five finishes, but I still have some work left to do to become a much more consistent player. My swing needs to continue to improve. Sometimes during this season my swing changes have been a little bit more difficult to adjust.

4.       According to the stats, you are not on top of, for example, total number of birdies… What is your best part of the game? What about iron accuracy? What about your confidence making birdie putts?

When my game is on top, my driving accuracy is my strong part. I almost always put the ball in play off the tee, which is important to have a good chance to hit the ball close to the pin. My confidence level have risen a lot this year in my ability to not only make birdies, but to make important putts.

5.       Where do you normally practice when you are not playing tournaments?

During the summer season I practice in Stockholm at a few different clubs, depending on where my golf friends are on that day. I enjoy having at least someone to play and practice with if possible.

6.       Any advice to your colleagues who are on tour and have not won any tournaments yet?

I don’t have any advice to my colleagues. I learned from my mistakes in previous tournaments and I believe thats the only way to learn.

7.       How will you prepare your next tournament at your home country, the Helsingborg Open ?

I’ll be in Scotland competing the week before which will be a good preparation to get into the right tournament mode.

8.       How do you like playing in your country and this golf club in particular?

I love to play on home soil. My family and friends have a chance to come watch and the Swedish golf crowd have also the chance to watch good golf live. I went to a boarding high school close to Helsingborg, so Helsingborg has always had a special place in my heart. I think Vasatorp Golf Club and the TC course is one of the best courses in Sweden so I’m very proud to show of this place to all the players from around the world. 

9.       After the success of all your colleagues: Caroline Hedwall, Anna Nordqvist, who is your role model now?

I don’t have a specific role model, but many top women and men players inspire me. When I was younger I enjoyed watching Annika and what she did for women’s golf, now I like watching any Spanish player. They play with lots of emotion and touch.

10.   Choose one part of the game from each of your colleagues, for example:  

I’d like to hit the driver as far as… Laura Davies

As accurate as… Charley Hull

Hit the irons like… Val Derrey

Putt like … Rebecca Artis

Chip like …Carlota Ciganda

Mental Strength like… Caroline Hedwall