An exciting Charity Show Match takes place today at Golf Club St. Leon Rot featuring the European Solheim Cup Captain Carin Koch, United States Captain Juli Inkster, Caroline Masson, Sandra Gal, Caroline Hedwall, Paula Creamer, Martin Kaymer and Moritz Lampert.

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There is plenty of money to be raised for The 2015 Solheim Cup’s official charities, following on from Monday’s ‘Golden Charity Shot’ from Heidelberg’s Old Bridge and the ‘Big Auction’ at the gala dinner at Heidelberg Castle.

Today’s action began on the driving range with the eight professionals firing balls at targets.

Then the money raising began with the beach shot, where local children chipped onto a miniature beach against the likes of Martin Kaymer. Next is the gong shot, involving a cart and a gong laced 50 metres from the tee, again with 250 euros for each target hit.

The ring shot involved three rings 75 metres away and each ring hit raised 5000 euros, with another 10,000 euros raised when all three rings are hit by one player.

For the balloon shot, all the players were given 24 balls to try to hit the balloon 100 metres away and 25,000 euros was raised when Moritz Lampert hit the balloon at the first attempt. At this point more than 100,000 euros had been raised over 15 minutes on the driving range, while the running total was at 246,250 euros.

After the fun on the driving range, the players make their way to the St Leon course and they will play a mixture of shots in a ‘Special Shot Challenge.’

Four groups will play the first nine holes, with 250 euros for a par, 1000 for a birdie and 2000 euros for an eagle.

The four groups of players are:

  1. Juli Inkster, Paula Creamer, Caroline Hedwall and Moritz Lampert
  2. Carin Koch, Sandra Gal, Caroline Masson and Martin Kaymer

On hole 10, all eight players will play a hole together and then form an eight-ball foursomes match with four balls in play.

On hole 18, the eight players will try to hit a target from 175 metres away and they will then hit a second shot from the fairway to the green. Balls landing within five metres of the hole earn 500 euros and any ball that lands in the hole will be worth 3000 euros to charity.

The players then play from a bunker, a pedestal to the 18th green followed by a putting contest and awards ceremony.

Stay tuned to over the next few hours to enjoy the action or catch up on YouTube.