The 18-year-old second year Ladies European Tour member from Guangzhou has a perfect record in the Sanya Ladies Open with four top 10s from as many appearances at Yalong Bay Golf Club, including finishing 9th as a 14-year-old amateur in 2010. Here, the effervescent teenager tells us more about her home.

        Where are you born and where is it exactly in the country?

I was born in Guangzhou, the biggest city in the north of China and I love the food there so much!

        What are the typical food and drinks from your area that you love?

Traditional Canton dim sum, which we have for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. I read some research that Canton people take the longest to eat a meal in China because they can eat and talk for so long. I definitely miss the food when I travel.

        What are your favourite Chinese festivities? 

The marriage ceremonies. The boy cannot meet the girl for a couple of days before. She wears everything red, including a beautiful dress and veil and the boy has to come to her house and perform some challenges before they will let him in to take her away! At the party afterwards, the guests have to do whatever the bride and groom ask so there can be some crazy stuff.

        Be our travel guide… what places would you recommend us to visit in your country and why?

Everyone knows Beijing but Xian is another very historic city. Beijing and Xian have been the capitals the most throughout history. 

        When you are not on tour and you are not preparing for any tournament. What’s your typical weekend? 

Practising golf! I have just got into college so maybe that will change. I will study news like my mom, who used to be a journalist. After golf I would like to be on the tournament committee so maybe I will become a rules official or volunteer in other sports, because I love sports.

        Which is the most popular sport in your country?

Table tennis, but it is not my favourite as I’m no good at it. I like tennis and Li Na, who just retired, which is a shame.

        What are your favourite sports and teams that you support?

I support Guangzhou Football Club. My mom used to be a national team football player. 

        Who is your favourite golf player from your country?

Shanshan Feng. 

        Who is your favourite sports person in general?

I like the swimmer Ning Ze Tao who did well in the Asian Games recently.

        What are your favourite Chinese sayings?

In golf, if we hit a duff, we say we ‘a frog jumped.’